Idylic, romantic cottage on island in Dalarna for sale

Shelter, smoking oven and grill on the beach .

Hytten er bygget i solidt tømmer fra egnen for 12 år siden

Älvdalen Skärtjärn 8:1 is a summer cottage on an island-lot of about 2000m2.

On the lot is also a shelter with an outdoor kitchen with grill and  smoking oven in stone chimney + a timber lodging not yet covered with roof

I am selling this property for a friend, who has suffered bad health.

We want to sell both our neighboring properties on Norra Lövön (Älvdalen Skärtjärn 8:1 and 8:2) We imagine that interested buyers would like to own both properties and gain sovereignty on settlement on that island - all by themselves. Of course I can sell them one by one, but best thing might be if two buyers know each other in beforehand.

Sold together the prize will be only 1 million SEK - equivalent to 750,000 dk. or 100.000 Euro.

Both properties are situated on my property called Älvdalen Hägnåsen 1:5, which I also want to sell - preferably together with Älvdalen Skärtjärn 8:2 . 

If your are interested in hunting and fishing. Hägnåsen 1:5 offers you access to hunting and fishing on 45000 ha.

See pictures and read description of Hägnåsen 1:5 on homepage. It is 24 ha. including about 5 ha. land on Lövöen and Oliaön.  Prize is listed on homepage.


Inside shelter

inside shelter

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01.09 | 13:46

Ejendommen med 28 hk hvor i Sverige og hvor langt ligger den fra Gøteborg.
Mvh Ole. B

28.08 | 16:40

Er de 28 ha solgt?

18.08 | 00:10

Hej Ole! Älvdalen Skärtjärn 13:3 er solgt, hvis alle formalia går igennem som forventet. Jeg har ikke fået din mail adresse?? mvh Arne ring +45 61757530

17.08 | 13:05

Er ejendommene solgt? Hvis ikke modtager jeg gerne yderligere info på mail.
På forhånd tak.

Du kan lide denne side